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Pierre the Pelican newsletter:

This free newsletter is available to parents and the first issue is received when an infant is born in Pennock Hospital. If the parents wish to subscribe to the newsletter, it will provide them with developmental expectations and milestones for their child. They receive the free publication periodically from birth up to the child’s 6th birthday. Registration forms are available on the bottom of our website or by emailing us for a form.

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Baby Basics Program: Do you have an 8th grader? The Baby Basic Program provides the necessary training required for 8th graders of Barry County to learn the realities of taking care of a child and the dangers of shaken baby syndrome in infants and young children. The 40-60 minute presentations are given by Volunteers and Board Members of the Family Support Center and are scheduled with the schools.

Sexual Abuse Kids Education (S.A.K.E.) Program In an effort to keep your children safe Barry County Elementary School Counselors work with S.A.K.E. to educate 1st and 3rd graders good touch, bad touch and how to seek help when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Crib Resources in Barry County (C.R.I.B.) Program Do you need a crib? Families in need of a safe sleeping environment for their child may be eligible for our C.R.I.B. program. To apply for a crib, pack-n-play, or toddler bed, two fitted sheets, a quilt and canvas tote filled with educational materials have a referring agent fill out the necessary referral form and submit it to our center.

Pennock Program Parents of newborns born in Pennock Hospital will receive educational materials to prevent shaken baby syndrome. We provide “Crying…What Can I Do Instead?” Card, “Your Baby’s 1st Year” book, and the “Family Resource Guide for Barry County”. Before discharge, parents also view our “Crying…What Should I Do Instead?” video.



Family Resource Website and Newsletter The P.E.C. is the “go-to” guide for parents. Find all parenting opportunities, classes, support groups and family agencies in Barry County in this collaborative calendar which is available on our website. Download our newest Newsletter.


Baby Think It Over DollFamilies can have a “hands on” experience with an infant with our Baby Think It Over Doll. The computerized doll records when it cries, how often it is attended and if it is abused. This doll is often used in pre-parenting classes, baby sitter training and with agencies that work with at risk families. It’s available to borrow. P.E.C.

Resource Library

Need more details and support? Free information can be found at the Family Support Center in book, DVD and video format for a variety of topics including, but not limited to: A.D.D., A.D.H.D., listening skills, dealing with kids and divorce, helping kids fit in and child abuse prevention.

          Current Recalls- Check weekly for new updates on children's car seats, cribs,

                 strollers, clothing, toys & more


                       Go to www.cpsc.gov


Barry County Mandated Reporter Manual

Those individuals or agencies who have been designated by the State of Michigan as Mandated Reporters can receive training which includes a manual to assist in their role of reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.

Family Workshop Series The family workshop series is held twice a month January through April. It’s free for parents and includes pizza dinner and childcare for the communities of Hastings and Middleville. The workshop addresses needs of families with children from pre-school to high school. Parenting subjects are presented on topics such as family milestones, bullying, discipline, healthy habits for the whole family, emotional issues and more.

2014 Family Workshop Series sessions are ready to be viewed. You can come and check them out at the office.

Community Breakfast

The Family Support Center, Kinship Support Services, CASA, Great Start Coalition, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Department of Human Services all work together to provide a free community breakfast and guest speaker(s) quarterly to bring awareness to the community of Barry County on issues of child abuse and child safety. Examples of topics are Food Resources, Counseling Resources, Tobacco Cessation, Understanding Court Services, Mental Health Services, Car Seat Safety, etc.


Kinship Support Services

Kinship Provides supportive services for families caring for their family members children;  Support Groups, Events, and one-on-one support meetings.


Choosing Car-Seat-Types: the Correct Car Seat and Car Seat Safety

Check out Safe Car.gov and look for Parents Central: from car seats to car keys: Keeping Kids Safe. Car Seat Types:

Learn about the four types of car seats, while keeping in mind the following tips:

  • As children grow, how they sit in your car will change. Make sure you use a car seat that fits your child’s current size and age.
  • Not all car seats fit in all vehicles. Make sure the car seat is the right fit for your vehicle. Test the car seat you plan to buy to make sure it fits well with your vehicle.
Buy a car seat that can be installed and used correctly every time.